Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring break fevers

Wednesday, March 26

Yes, there is a beautiful blue sky with the forcast predicting a high of 68 degrees today and my kids have fevers!  Actually Sydney is mostly better already, but now it's Kyla's turn.  I should have posted this yesterday for Syd.   

Why do I have a stack a tissues with no box?
Because Miss Ducky needed some shoes of course.  Her feet are so big, no one else's shoes would fit.
I love it when my kids get inspired to do art projects that grow and take a long time.  She started with this girl...

and decided to add the rest of her body and some scenery.
I found this story and drawing in Syd's newly cleaned out closet, where there is a shelf that looks like a little desk.  I guess she is a closet writer now.   I think Kyla finished the story for her.

Translation:   Once upon a time there was a little girl.  And her name is Aria.  She was picking flowers in a garden by a tree.  And she loved the tree and it was her favorite tree. 

I hope we get to go play outside soon, before it starts to rain again.

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