Thursday, July 24, 2008

Barf, Bath, and Beyond

Well, not necessarily in that order, depending on who you’re talking about. When it was just Kevin I wasn’t going to mention it or just title it “The Bristol Blahs”. Now that I have joined the fun, I couldn’t resist. So far it’s doesn’t seem to be food poisoning or anything serious, just a little something that makes you queasy. It feels like morning sickness – queasiness that comes and goes, makes you lose your appetite and feel really bad if you think about what you already ate or might have to eat at your next meal. The choices are limited when every meal of the week is at restaurant or something ready to eat from the grocery store. I’ll spare you the details, but thank goodness I saved the plastic bag from our Mr. D’s take out. Maybe it was just motion sickness from the hot and jostling bus ride. Of course it didn’t help that I kept looking out the window to see fast food and pasty (rhymes with nasty) shops. Oh don’t get me wrong, pasties can be great if you’re in a hurry, really hungry and need something inexpensive that stick to you ribs. They are these deep fried hot pocket things with meat and potatoes. I’m sure looking forward to having an apartment in London and maybe doing some cooking.

We went to the town of Bath, named for the Roman baths there. First stop was the bath Abbey, which is right next to the baths. There were musicians playing in the courtyard, including a guys dressed as a fawn, complete with horns and everything. There was a long audio tour at bath, which included some commentary by author Bill Bryson, who is always entertaining. They even had a separate commentary for kids, which really kept the girls entertained. It’s amazing to think that the bath and stones there are 2000 years old, in fact the drains that the Romans built are still functional today.

The girls were so tired of walking but we promised them there would be a park at the end and what a park it was! The biggest one yet. I love it how when you take your kids to the park (even if they get to stay for 90 min) that when they have to leave they whine and cry that they didn’t get to try the digging thing (mini dirt mover) in the sand box and they want to stay longer. What about saying, “Thanks mom & dad, that was really fun!” Click here for pics of Bath.

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