Sunday, July 13, 2008

Queen sees the Eiffel tower

Day 13: Edinburgh, Scotland

We had a uneventful but pleasant transition from the Highlands to Edinburgh. Our apartment is on the east side of town, fairly close to trains and buses. As Kyla says, "We live in a wee house.", yes it is quite a cozy studio apartment. What it lacks in size, it makes up for with stylish decor. We're trying to sound more Scottish and say wee instead of small or little. Sunday we walked to the stores nearby and found a Woolworths (the big W) and a Walmart (Called ASDA here). I usually don't shop at Walmart and after walking around for a bit, I felt kind of sick, so we left. I don't really think it had anything to do with Walmart unless I was poisoned by the free popsicles they were handing out at the front door.

Then we decided to have dinner at this bar (the building in the middle of the picture) we heard about on the beach. The Dalriada was quite nice with live music, but they didn't have dinner. So we had to walk on and find some fish-n-chips in Portobello, a popular beach in Edinburgh.

The girls had a great time playing in the sand. Here is Sydney, the queen of the hill.

There is a long promenade at the beach and the girls ran down the wall, but had to be ferried by dad across the gaps.

On the way back to our apartment, Sydney said, "Look, there's the Eiffel Tower!" Yes, the same basic shape, but a lot smaller and of course in the wrong country.

I wonder how the girls got their shorts so dirty (anyone pack the oxy?) and how Sydney got an eye-full of sand? See the video to find out.

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