Friday, July 18, 2008

Hammer of the Scots

July 18
Today we visited Stirling, Scotland which is considered the “clasp of Scotland” due to its geographical importance in the battles between England and Scotland. It’s where William Wallace (WW) of Braveheart won his great victory and where Robert the Bruce won the battle of Bannockburn. We saw the William Wallace memorial and Stirling Castle. The girls had a great time trying on chainmail and helmets. Kyla doesn’t really like to hear about the gruesome deaths that happened in those times. We left the tour when the guide with the great Scottish accent was telling about the fate of WW, then I brought her back just in time to hear about the beheading of Mary Queen of Scotts. She really doesn’t like the beheading thing, poor Kyla. We just try to tell her how happy she should be that she lives in a time where that sort of thing is not OK. Click here to see pics from Stirling.

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