Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summertime in England

The title of this post shares a name with a Van Morrison (one of Kevin’s favorite artists) song. It was so nice to have some warm weather and we actually got to wear shorts for the first time in over two weeks. Today’s quest was finding the laudromat. You finally have to give up some sightseeing when there are no clean undies left. Kyla wanted to stay in the hotel all day, which technically would be possible since it has a Beefeater Restaurant attached to it. It’s hard to schedule a day to relax when there is so much you want to see and limited time to do it. With the clothes clean and folded back at the hotel we decided there was still time for a bit of sight seeing around the city. More than one local recommended the Bristol suspension bridge as the sight to see, so we set off on the bus. Well, it’s hard to be impressed by a bridge when you live right next to the best looking bridge there is, but it did cross a big gorge and the view from the bridge was good. The girls found a park nearby, which always seems to make the day for them. On the way home we stopped by Bristol University. I guess Kevin was missing the campus scene. Sydney ate her take away pizza dinner, while Kyla and I took pictures on campus. Kyla asked for a quick photography lesson, so I’ll try to include some of her pics in the album for Bristol.

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