Saturday, July 19, 2008

I got away Scot free

July 19Last night I let Kevin go out on the town (Edinburgh) while I took the girls home for bedtime. So today I went out and stopped at a few art galleries and took myself out to lunch. First was the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, I mostly went because it was free and they had a photography exhibit. Then I ended up paying to go to a Vanity Fair exhibit which was cool because there were all these great photos of famous people. Then I when to an Impressionist exhibit at the National Gallery of Scotland, and I got to use the audio tour headsets without getting interrupted; it was very peaceful. I met Kevin and the girls at the Museum of Scotland, which we didn’t leave enough time for because there were about 8 floors starting with natural history on floor 0 and working up to modern times on the top floor. The girls got to try on more costumes, to which Sydney said, “no more chainmail!”
This link will take you back to the Edinburgh pictures, but I’ve added more on to the end from this day.

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