Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wall to wall yoga

July 20 & 21

We left our wee apartment today where I practiced my yoga pose (just for the picture). It was kind of like living in a train car with a bathroom off to the side of course. I will try to relay a conversation our family had on the bus on the way to the airport. We were all a bit hungry after a quick breakfast on the way out of town. D=Dad, M=Mom, K=Kyla, S=Sydney

M: There’s a Chinese restaurant, we haven’t had Chinise yet, I could eat there.
S: What about Pig Latin?
M: No, we haven’t had that yet.
S: But I only know two words, igpay atinlay.
M: Have you ever been to Pig Latin Kyla?
K: No, hee hee hee
D: Where is the country of Pig Latin?
S: That way. (She says pointing NE) It’s pretty far, it would take you two trains and a plane to get there.

I was too busy trying not to laugh out loud to tell her that pig latin is a made up language and therefore not a real country. Maybe next week.
Six hours later we made it to Cardiff, Wales and checked in at The Big Sleep hotel on the 7th floor with huge windows in our room. We really enjoyed having a view. We took the girls down to the bay and found the Dr. Who exhibit, which we had to see since Kevin and I recently starting watching the new series. We have also seen the spin-off, Torchwood, both are filmed in Cardiff. If you didn’t know, I’m sure you’ve figured out that Kevin and I are both big sci-fi fans. The picture is the Millennium Center on Cardiff Bay. The area in front is named Roald Dahl Pass, after a children's literature writer (think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). I think the strawberries on the silver tower are a temporary ad for the summer festival, at least there not there in Torchwood.

The next day we had a beautiful weather for a trip to the country at the Museum of Welsh life, which is huge and mostly outside. (Thank you so much for recommending it Sherry & David). Click here to see pics of Wales.

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Cindy in Keizer said...

OOOOH!! Loved the scary angel picture from Doctor Who -- didn't see that whole ep but what I saw was so creepy. Hope you didn't close your eyes (as the story goes)!