Friday, March 6, 2009

Fly with dragons

Saturday, March 7

Today is the first day of Kevin's spring break - Yay! The last couple of weeks have been busy and we're looking forward to some family time and a trip to the Beach on Tuesday! We haven't been to a beach since last September and I honestly can't remember our last trip to the Oregon coast - I'll have to look back at my pictures to see if we even went last year. Syd and I were at Costco and I could resist this big dragon kite.

I truly tried to convince the girls not to take this kite out the box until we got to the beach, but they were sooo excited and not to be reasoned with or bribed. Well, yes of course they wanted to fly it and were very disappointed when I told them it was absolutely not possible. They don't care that kites skies free of power lines, space to run and one more little thing called wind! For now they are happy just running in circles in the back yard. I sure hope they don't loose any parts or break it before we get there. Now let's all hope for some decent weather! Look, there is Kyla's right arm without a brace - her broken arm is now a thing of the past.

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setalam said...

Josh says, "I really like the dragon kite. It's a nice design. Have fun at the beach!"