Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Potato Love

Wednesday, March 25

Sydney was helping me with dinner last night when she fell in love with a sweet potato that according to her looked just like a baby seal. So I started recording a few things I heard her say because is was so darn funny. After she was done peeling the other potatoes she was playing with her new seal and looking for a place to hide it. The following are all quotes from Syd:

Oh, it looks like a seal, I don't want to peel that one, let's peel one that looks not so seal-y.

Can we never peel this seal?
Is there a place that daddy has never ever gone in our house?

If you can't find it you can't peel it.

He has a yummy body.
Then, she accidentally dropped the sweet potato, I mean, seal right on his nose. She got a very sad face and actually started to cry.

Oh no, now he's cracked and we'll have to peel him.

Now he won't be a seal anymore.

He was so special and cute.
I want a real live seal for my birthday, we can get a blow-up pool for him.

Today I have returned the potato to the vegetable drawer and so far she seems to have forgotten about her seal. I wonder what will happen when we have leftovers?

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