Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week end wrap up

Sunday, March 1

The week (and month) has gone by so fast and I feel like I can't get out of first gear. It seems like I've had something on the calender everyday for last two weeks. This post is for certain grandparents who wanted more pictures of grandkids and less of teapots - but I won't name any names (mom). It was kind of nice to be forced to take a break yesterday while playing nurse to Sydney whose who suddenly got a fever and needed snuggling and blankets and water and books and a long nap. I needed that nap too! Yes, so sad that I have given them up after needed/wanting them for seven year. Wow - seven?- I guess kids will do that to you.

We took a field trip to the Central Library with preschool. That place is huge - the kids section is almost as big as our local library. Here is Sydney acting appropriately impressed at the sight of the card catalog that we found up on the third floor.
I overslept that morning so we missed the opportunity to explore public transportation, but I think during the last year we've experienced every form of transportation there is. OK, we haven't traveled by submarine or hot air balloon, but there is still time.
Last weekend it was Kyla with the fever. Since I had just spent a day helping a few preschool moms put together a quilt for our annual auction fundraiser, we decided to spend her sick day sewing. Kyla had been planning a sewing project for a while and she was really excited to use her sewing machine.
Here she successfully sewed a straight seam.
Thanks mom for teaching me how to sew. It's great to be able to pass something like that on to my girls.

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