Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day & Art

Tuesday, March 17

I know Paddy's day isn't about Leprechauns and pots-o-gold, but they are Irish - hence the rainbow. Next time I cross the Atlantic I hope Ireland will be on my itinerary. For now we're wearing green, even though we haven't left the house today. Kyla has a little cold and I really encouraged her to go to school after missing three days last week, but I just couldn't make her knowing she would be wiping her nose every 5 seconds and sneezing her germs all over the place. She's been walking around with a tissue stuffed up her nose and I'm resisting the urge to share a picture. I'm happy that the no one has even requested to watch a show today. So far they are happy playing and making art. Here is the art work Kyla did at school after reading Dogs in Space.
At the grade school they had family art night where Sydney painted this ice cream cone.
Sydney is showing a little spring spirit here.
Kyla made these cute little flowers out of construction paper, tape and cotton swabs.

Also the girls and I enjoyed this YouTube art video which was shared on a few blogs I read recently.

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