Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aarr! Matey....Calling all Pirates

Saturday, September 20

If you are near Portland, Oregon this weekend and find yourself dressed like a Pirate, then head on down to the 3rd Annual Portland Pirate Festival. And at the risk of making myself homesick, please send any pictures of your wee pirates my way. I'll go first. Here are my girls with their mateys (is that how you spell the plural of matey) last year.

I just realized yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. Here is the link for PG rated lingo.

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Mama Peach said...

Wow, what an exciting 6 months. I'm so jealous, and am reading back through your past fews months of advendture. Yesterday was great at the festival. (nope we didn't go in, just watched from the docs and walked along the fence) Today it rained so I really don't know how that went... how very Portland.
Hope your journeys continue to go well.