Friday, September 12, 2008

Best playground so far

September 12

Yesterday I convinced the girls that we should brave the sun in attempt to find a good playground. We haven't been to one for weeks, so far all the playgrounds we have found in Spain are all the same and compared to others in in Europe, a little lame. Mostly they just have a couple swings and a small slide in a dusty pebble pit.

So we walked across town and it was pretty sunny by the time we got to Parque Federico Garcia Lorca. It's a huge and beautifully landscaped park, with palm trees, fountains, flowers and rose gardens.

And a big playgound! It was still dusty, but we didn't mind. They even had a zip line, which is always a big hit with Kyla. There is Syd a the bottom of the slide.
We call these diggers, although I'm sure there's a more technical name.

At one point there were six kids crammed into this swing all asking to be pushed higher. Then we met Kevin at the University to eat lunch at the cafeteria and check out his workplace. We had to walk home during the hot part of the day, but we stopped for gelato on the way and stayed in the shade. The day was officially a success.


Ann said...

This day sounds terrific!
I'm so happy to hear about the girls first day of school.
I wonder if Kyla will be bored when she comes back to Astor?
She's living such a Continental life!
Well, the first round of colds is getting the class. Be grateful you're missing out. We're on our first leg of Purell and Airborn.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures!
We miss you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we'll be missing you at CPCP too! ~jillians mom