Saturday, September 27, 2008

One month...

Friday, September 26

I can't believe we've been in Granada for a month already. It doesn't seem like we've done much, but getting settled takes time. It just seems weird that we haven't even been to the famous castle that is just up the hill, the Alhambra. I am happy to say that I can now walk around town without looking at my map. I love offering my help to English speaking tourists, not that I know where everything is, but I usually know where I am on the map! I know where to buy most things that we need, although Kevin just found a grill and now we're on the search for some charcoal. I've heard they sell it at the hardware stores - I don't think I would have ever looked there.

I'm hesitant to write about Sydney, but I thought an update was in order. Things started out so well regarding her total immersion by going to school in Spain. Well, the honeymoon is over.

Here are a few things Sydney has said in the last 48 hours regarding going to school in Spain:

"If you let me go to Spain school, I'm not going to be your daughter!"

I like how she says I'm letting her go, not making her go. That makes me feel a little bit better.

Kevin's response: If she goes to school in Spain she won't be your daughter, she'll be your hija (pronounced ee-ha and means daughter in Spanish). Luckily Syd didn't hear him say this.

"I'll go to school today so I can go to the playground, but this is my last day, OK?"

"If you stay for the songs, I'll go to school another day."

OK, here is one that will make you feel a little better. Or maybe not. After school Friday she said:

"Guess what mom? I didn't cry today!"

As you can guess the last few mornings have been rough, but the teacher assures me that she is doing fine and even Kyla said she was a lot better at going back inside after recess on Friday.

Thanks goodness it's the weekend. Let's hope things will only get better, because starting Wednesday, I will be starting a Spanish immersion program that requires me to be in class from 9-1pm Monday through Friday.

On a happier note, they had a great time at the playground Friday and we even took them to Burger King. If you are wondering about Kyla, I almost forgot to say that she is doing great. She has started going to a Spanish tutor while the rest of the class does their reading. She seems happy to practice her new vocabulary words and has even signed up to start some extracurricular activities soon. Yay!

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