Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love Skype and zippers.

Wednesday, September 24

The internet is so great! I just got a Skype account, which you can download for free. If you talk to someone else that has Skype, it's totally free. For only $3/month I can make unlimited calls to landlines and cellphones in the US. For a little more I can have a US number that people can call and will ring on my computer. Did I mention how awesome the internet is? Well, I've talked to a few people and it's been great to be back in contact after going through summer with only a couple short calls. It's especially comforting now that Sydney is having second thoughts about going to school. She did so great the first week, this kind of caught me by surprise. She is really missing her friends and preschool back in Oregon. I'll elaborate more later. On a better note I was able to finally call the insurance company and they're ready to send our check for the stuff that was stolen in Barcelona.
On an entirely different subject check out the new (or old?) alternative to velcro. Sydney got these fancy new tennis shoes that as you'll notice lace up. But she never has to untie them. Look a little closer, there is a little side zipper that works like a charm. What a great idea.

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