Saturday, September 6, 2008

Leaving Limbo

We've been in Granada for almost two weeks now and yesterday we finally got internet connection and received our boxes from the states (a whole other long and complicated story). What a relief! So even though we've been making progress towards settling in - we moved to our new apartment, Kevin has gone to work and I have registered the girls at the neighborhood public school (starting Sep. 15) - it still feels like we've been in limbo. It's weird transitioning from vacation mode to settling in to live here mode. We haven't even done any sightseeing here except for walking around to do some shopping. The girls are totally burned out on sightseeing and it's entirely too hot to be out walking anywhere in the heat. I was trapped here for a few days eagerly awaiting the arrival of the boxes. Now that I have internet I wouldn't mind we a little trapped, but I am finally free to leave the apartment and stop harassing UPS. Kevin has gone to the University, but couldn't start any actual research until the boxes arrived. It's starting to look like home here, more clothes in the closets, and multiple laptops set up in the living room. It's so nice to have a big keyboard and screen after spending the summer on the mini-laptop. I love having a mouse. I can't wait to look at all my pictures again on the big screen. It also seems weird to be buying actual groceries. We have a door full of condiments in our fridge and I keep finding myself thinking how will we use all this by the end of the week. Oh yeah, we don't have to move out at the end of the week. Ahh.
Actually today it seems quite cool, we are even waiting for it to warm up before we venture out to find a pool since we promised to take the girls swimming.
It's good to be leaving limbo.

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