Monday, September 22, 2008

Terrace View

Monday, September 22

Saturday morning around 10am I looked outside my kitchen window and spotted the moon.
This inspired me to climb the three flights of stairs of my apartment building (OK, actually I took the elevator, but I did walk down) to snap a few shots of the view from our terrace on the roof. It was so bright up there, I almost turned my sinus headache into a migraine. These are too exciting, but I had to do something to get out and distract myself from being sick.
Here is the moon above the the church Santo Domingo.Here is the bell tower of another nearby church.
Here is the church down the hill, the same one with the flowers from a few days ago. You can see the mountains just outside of town.
Some nearby rooftops...
My rooftop.
OK, that's about as far as I got this weekend except for an unsuccessfulll trip around the corner in search of some vitamin C. Just so you know, I'm feeling mostly better, definitely on the mend.

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