Sunday, July 5, 2009

Around the homestead

Sunday, July 5

I keep meaning to post an update of the garden, but by the time I'm ready to do it I have to take new pictures again. Here is a picture taken back on June 8. Note how tall the tomato cages are.
Now the tomatoes are well over the top of the cages and taller than 8 year old Kyla. Yes, it's getting a little crowded. We had to chop off a few zucchini leaves so the green pepper could get some sun.

Last week we picked our first two zucchinis and ate them in tofu stir fry, yummy. In the front yard my carpet rose has gone crazy, guess I should have pruned it much shorter.
A couple weeks ago, my folks brought five blueberry plants. Wow, now my yard is starting to look landscaped. Thanks for the plants and the weeding guys! The girls can't wait to start eating blueberries.
The second house is already up next to the house next door. I didn't get any pictures between the hole in the groung and both levels being framed. I think they are already done roofing too.

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