Saturday, July 4, 2009

One more step towards independence

Saturday, July 4
Sydney just started swimming lessons this week. She love the water so much that on Tuesday I was really surprised that she broke out in tears, complaining that it was just too hard and she wanted to quit. So I did my best to encourage her, bribe her, give her a pep talk and tell her she didn't have to do everything they asked, just do your best and don't quit (or cry!). Two days later she finally got used to the goggles and keeping her face in the water. I've never seen her so happy, she was ecstatic. Everyone at the pool knew that she learned to "swim" that day. I was looking forward to not going to the pool yesterday, but the girls insisted on going even though there were no lessons. I was probably a bad time for a 3 day break anyway. Here is a short clip.

Happy Independence Day!

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Green Mamma said...

Wow! This is a huge moment . . . a big milestone for us this summer has been getting my 2 year old to simply place her face, up to her nose, in the water. Aren't our kiddos amazing?

By the way, I love the tagline for your blog; so true, ,:-)