Friday, July 17, 2009

Sewing club

Friday, July 17

This summer Kyla and I are having a sewing club with three of her friends from school. Kyla had this idea before the end of the school year and actually interviewed several friends, making sure that each one in the club had sewing experience or was really interested in learning to sew.
When she first asked me about it, I automatically replied - maybe. Then I got to thinking how it would actually be fun spending quality time together sewing and that I should take advantage of the fact that she wanted to hang out with me.

I wasn't really prepared for our first meeting, but I knew that if I waited until I was ready that the summer would be over and ooops, no sewing club. All the girls were very excited and for the first meeting we just practiced sewing straight lines, learning how to thread and work the machines. I actually still remember some of the techniques and projects I worked on when I was in 4-H sewing with my aunt when I was in grade/middle school. Then a friend told me about the free and easy Lazy Days Skirt Pattern from oliver + s. Here is Sydney modeling hers.

So the next week we all worked on skirts. I never got around to taking pics while the girls were sewing because we were too busy. The girls took a lunch break and then the whole thing turned into a big play date.
One person actually finished their skirt before going home and Kyla finished hers a couple days later.
She is so proud and loves her new comfy skirt.
Luckily another mom is going to help out next time. I'm just not organized enough to help four girls at once, but I'm glad everyone is having fun!


Jen said...

I love this idea! So fun. I was also a 4Her in sewing and spent a lot of time working on an outfit for the fair!!!

They'll remember this forever!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Can I be in the sewing club? I want to learn how to sew! This is such a great idea. what a wonderful way to spend time together and the skills and creative outlet will be with these girls forever.

Don said...

Great Job Ms. Kyla its more fun sometimes than buying it. Enjoy the summer vacation. Love you.