Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Year Ago

Wednesday July 1

I can't believe it, one year ago today we were on a plane for Paris! That means we have been back for as long as we were gone - 6 months. You know how you have these big events in your life: marriage, moving, and kids. You say stuff like, "Did we do such and such before or after so and so was born.?" Or you say, "Wow we've been parents for 8 years now!" No we do that in reference to "the trip". It was such a huge and wonderful experience that we shared together.

Sometimes it seems like we were just in Spain last month and if you saw how many boxes are still in our garage you would actually believe it. I haven't even posted all the pics from our cruise back in November! Now I just want to go back everyday this summer and see where we were one year ago. Hey, this could be a blog about the trip forever. OK, I guess you would get tired of that - time to move on. I just removed the itineraries from the side bar so people wouldn't get confused. If you need to see them one last time, here you go.

The Trip
6/30 - Depart from PDX
7/01 - Paris, France
7/05 - Scotland
7/12 - Edinburgh
7/20 - Cardiff, Wales
7/22 - Bristol, England
7/25 - Oxford, England
7/27 - London, England
8/03 - Bruges, Belgium
8/06 - Amsterdam
8/09 - Prague
8/16 - Milan, Italy
8/18 - Barcelona, Spain
8/25 - Granada, Spain
12/16- Carolinas for Christmas
12/31 - Home for New Years Eve!

Nov 20 Fly to Venice
Nov 22 Bon Voyage
Nov 23 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Nov 25 Santorini, Greece
Nov 27 Tunis, Tunisia
Nov 29 Malaga, Spain
Nov 30 Casablanca, Morocco
Dec 2 debark in Lisbon, Portugal
Dec 3 Seville, Spain
Dec 5 back to Granada

Ahhh, what a trip!

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