Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Ties

Wednesday, April 8

One day Sydney was telling me about this white basket that two of her very good preschool friends have. They were both flower girls in a wedding. I informed her I could probably find her a white basket that would be just the same.

"But, noooooo - you have to be a flower girl!" Does she even know what a flower girl is?
Probably not.

Several weeks later Kevin and I were discussing a wedding invite that we would be unable to attend and here is the conversation that followed:

Syd: So I won't be able to be the flower girl?

Me: No honey, you'll have to wait for someone like Uncle Kenneth to get married. (You know, someone that she actually knows and is possibly related to.)

Syd: To who?

Me: We don't know yet.

Syd: I think, it's going to be grandma.

Kevin: Umm, you can't marry your own mom.

Syd: Well, I didn't know. . . . . she was his mom!

That girl will do anything for the white basket! I guess we need to work on the family tree thing. I'm pretty sure she knew Kenneth is my brother.

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